Hi, my name is Chris Bevis and I am married to Roy. I started dancing from a young age with my aunts teaching me to jive and joined ballroom and Latin classes when I was at senior school and continued when I started work. I gained both my junior and senior medals in both ballroom and latin dancing. Gosh, that was a long time ago!

I was introduced to line dancing through a friend and attended the classes of Gabby Hancock of Sussex Ranch Branch at Haywards Heath and achieved my medals and teaching exams with her.

I am very lucky that Roy has supported me with my passion for dancing and has always accompanied me to classes and social events and - after much nagging by me - joined me in a class for couples line dancing and gained his bronze medal - with honours.

We took the club over 10 years ago and Roy is my DJ.

I am also lucky that I have the following people who help me teach and look after my classes whilst I have the occasional holidays.

Phil Carpenter, married to Caroline.  Phil  helps me teach new dances and his guilty pleasure of choreographing dances. Phil and Caroline also look after my Monday and Wednesday evening classes whilst Roy and I have our holidays.

They both now have a new addition to their family and his name is Reg.  Reg is having lessons at the moment to behave himself and to listen to what Mummy and Daddy are saying so that he can come to our socials.

Roger Glass, married to Jill, also used to teach at the club but retired choosing to have an easy life and just come to the classes without any pressure of having to learn and teach new dances. However, little did he know at that time, that I had no intention of him retiring fully and often twist his arm to revise a golden oldie and should he mention a new dance - well he has to teach that as well!
Last but not least, our classes are not the same without our Milllie and Monty and our new addition Ella.
They love the classes and know who brings them a treat and then they sleep whilst we dance.